tapas to die for

a murder mystery dinner party

This party is written for 12 cast members.  Along with formal invitations, guests receive a specially created video – using photos of the guests – introducing the characters and the setting.  All guests arrive dressed in character with a tapa “potluck”.  The evening is full of wonderful food, wine and active sleuthing to discover “who done it”.


Tapas is the collective name for small, delicious mouthfuls of something savory, served with a chilled white wine, beer or sherry.  It comes from tapa, the Spanish word for lid – specifically, the “lid” created by the slice of bread that an innkeeper would thoughtfully place on top of a customer’s wine glass to keep out the flies and dust between sips.  The Andalucians then came up with the idea of balancing a morsel of something tasty on top of the bread to nibble on – a few cubes of cheese or ham – and a new Spanish institution was born.  Today, tapas are served in almost every bar throughout Spain . Usually they are displayed on the bar, and the waiter puts your selection on a plate, for eating either standing up or seated at the bar or at a table.

our story begins

Our story begins in a small Catalan village of Sant Celoni where a very special collection of tapa recipes was taken from a modest family farmhouse eatery.  This collection was filled with recipes passed down through generations and illustrated by family members who are long gone, but never forgotten.  It was smuggled across the border and fenced for a large sum of money to a French buyer.  It was delivered, in secret, to a manor located in Ascain, France.

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